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Vingle introduced me into the world of kpop, but G-Dragon intrigued me long before for his sense of style. While it is completely out there, opposite to mine, and sometimes extremely scary, I still consider it brilliant. I don't believe anybody ever has the right to look down on anyone else's style– fashion should not be taken too seriously. Wear what makes you happy! I was actually scrolling through GD's instagram when I saw... bunny ears. And if Cosmopolitan Korea is anything like the American magazine, then sadly & immediately thought... playboy. Once I looked into the issue a bit more I realized I was mistaken– though I would not be surprised if they were trying to be sneaky. Anyway I love the orange hair, the socks, and that eye jacket! I WANT. Sometimes there is so much going on with his looks that you miss little details... like the embroidery on the coat of the first look. Anything, feast your eyes. on incredible styling. The Glaceau Vitamin Water advertisements were pretty hilarious too. Vitamin Water is great! and super expensive.
i agree crazy but unique , appealing and catchy at the same time i like it lols :)
I think gd looks good in anything... I mean i know he wears crazy oufits sometimes but i still like him, that's what makes him different,popular,unique,and adorable.