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You've fallen.

You can get up, but you choose not to. Cupid shot you and it feels pretty amazing. Yeah, amazing. It's been awhile since you've felt this way and it shows. It's not quite yet a relationship, but you wouldn't necessarily call it a situationship either -- you're just feeling extremely optimistic about what's to come. You talk all day long and the butterflies have since made your stomach their resting place. You're used to the feeling.
You started doing things you wouldn't normally do, like sending multiple texts throughout the day just because this special person is on your mind. Man, the feeling is great. Your 'hey' has since turned into 'hey love' and your 'goodnight' has changed to 'sweet dreams'. It's a fairytale waiting to happen, or has it already manifest? Only time will tell. If you've ever been in this situation or happen to currently be going through this, keep scrolling to see the texts that all women have sent that special person that they're 'sorta - kinda' dating according to

"I'm finally watching Game of Thrones."

Translation: We are compatible. Let's run away to Vegas and get hitched.

What are you up to?

Translation: You've been on my mind all day. I miss you. Call me. Text me. Maybe?

"It's almost the weekend, THANK GOD."

Translation: Do you have plans? Want to link?

'I appreciate you.'

Translation: I think I might be falling for you. Very hard.

Ladies, are these pretty accurate?

Can you add anymore to the list?
LMAO The "I'm finally watching Game of Thrones." one is too damn real. I remember HATINGGGGG anime, but then I started dating a professional animator who really respected those old Studio Ghibli style Japanese animation movies, and I caved and started watching.
@jordanhamilton thanx 馃槉馃槉 its definitely become interesting
I've been getting similar texts for some time now 馃槉
yes yes and yessss! I agree :) @danidee
Me too! i think learning new things is one of the best parts of a relationship even after it's all over.
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