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Ok for people who haven't seen Go Fighting! *spoiler alert* This is season 2 and the episode hasn't been released yet....some of you might remember Honglei from season 1 (he made Yixing cry by stealing his suitcase)....well don't worry they are on good terms. However, Honglei still feels guilty about what he did to Yixing....this season they will be reunited and I can honestly see how much Honglei cares for Yixing

When they finally meet...

Come on you gotta admit Yixing looks like a puppy when he ran towards Honglei.....I honestly never get to see this bubbly and active side of him often so when he behaves like this....*faints* Credits!
Aww this is so cute!! 😄 ♡
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Awe, do adorable ^^
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Awww..This kid sure does know how to mess with his fans hearts
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He is just to much, very freaking adorable.
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my heart omg
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