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Hyunseung has decided to leave Beast after being together almost 7 years. I'm trying to hold back my tears after reading the news of him departing Beast. I know that it won't be the same without him but I just knew that this day would come.
Even though I'm am sadden by this news I will still support him. I also know that the rest of the members will support him as well. I know that none of us want our favorite group to lose a member. Best of luck oppa! I still love you
@obiterdictum @mitchix5 I'm holding in my tears but I don't know how ongoing it will last
@obiterdictum thank you. I know that he is just leaving to pursue being solo and I'm glade he is staying with Cube. I don't know what I would do if BEAST disband I think I would be lost. they were the first group I listen to when I come to kpop.
okay I'm still grieving over the fact that minzy left 2ne1,, and now this? He's not even my bias in beast but this is so heartbreaking. all the best to him tho..
@Choijiah the same goes with me. Beast was the first group ever that I've been a big fan of. Yes,a good thing is he's staying with cube. Perhaps that's for the best for everyone.
@Choijiah it's okay to cry. hugs you. It's much better than having them disband right? I always comfort myself by thinking like that when Minzy left 2ne1.
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