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Spike the space cowboy ( master with a pistol and hand to hand combat)
vash the stampede (he's fast strong and can tell where someone is going to shoot)
death the kid (he is the son of death and with his twin pistols he can shoot you down in a instantly)
kino from kino no tabi (if you don't know her she is a marksmen with a pistol plus she carries more knives then I can count and has a knife that shoots bullets)
who do you guys think would win and I used my knowledge so if you want more info look them up and pick the winner
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hard choice...I would have to say vash because he does have some other skills /abilities.
Death the Kid or Vash.The others don't even compare.
Vash the stampede hands down, he has way more experience than any of the other candidates. (Because he is so old) then there is his hidden machine gun arm thing. Last but not least he has a city buster attack. Granted it is a last resort because he hates using it but none the less Vash has this thing won.
idk most of these but I'd guess Vash or Death the Kid.
@Captpeter Yea, btw sorry for the late response.