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ICON is a 3-member band consisting of Monster, DJ Disco, and Noh Min Woo. ROCK STAR marks No Minwoo's grand return to the rock scene after 7 years! No Minwoo debuted in 2004 as the drummer 'Rose' for rock band TRAX. He left the band in 2006 and took up acting in 2008. He has starred in Full House 2, Midas, and My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. For @cri14335 :)
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@chasinghapiness, enjoy watching the video.very cool! again, thank you so much for always updating me about Minwoo.take care always!
hottest nerd I've ever seen lol
@cri14335 you're welcome! I'm here to share the love xD @NikkoleSmith indeed. :3 it..
this guy sometimes see Jim really cute like kid and other time sexy nought boy