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I have no idea who came up with this BHDN quote, but I simply LOVE IT!
Are you feeling off? Wonky? Miserable? And maybe you don't even know why, but you just feel this overarching oppression.
That's when it's time to look at the level of negativity going on in and around you.
1. Are you a gossip? Do you spread lies and deceit about yourself and others? Not cool.
2. Are you making destructive choices, that you know are bad for you? Why do that?
3. Who are the voices telling you that you 'can't' or that you'll 'never?'
It's time to take a stand--against the negativity in our lives.
First, we need to identify the source(s) of negativity--us and others.
Second, turn away and turn off the negativity. Kindness dispells all kinds of negativity.
Third, make adjustments and changes. This could mean hanging out with new friends, taking a different job, or simply going back to school.
Only YOU can change your attitude, even if your circumstances don't or can't change.
@Marshalledgar well said and even nicely explained. Let me put my thoughts on this one. While Positivity and negativity are just two ends of a string, and you cant be extremely positive or negative, it is important to strike the exact balance between the two. You cant avoid negative thoughts which are bound to occur, at some point of time in everyone's life, it is the way we react to those situations, that holds the key. According to me positivity and negativity are what people perceive, for me suicidal thought/depression/Self destructive toughts/anxiety is a kind of positive/constructive feeling which makes me feel why I exist or maybe to find the true purpose, and having a passion for living the life kinda makes feel awkward. To sum up, you can chose a life of ur choice and live the way you want to regardless of the situations, consequences and yes kindness is one of the sources to negate negativity. I feel negativity can only be minimised, not completely avoided, it is wise to say that everytime you cant be 100% positive and there are times when you are less positive not necessarily negative. More importantly i chose to remain positive/negative not anticipating beautiful things to happen, rather to make existing things even more beautiful or of my choice.
I understand more fully now. @MeenakshiSundar
@marshalledgar I mean to say suicidal and self destructive thoughts are something which keeps me ticking positive to me cause I feel completely useless when I think about living life I feel it is the urge to suicide living each moment wishing it was my last is positive to me. For I have got nothing to lose except my life nothing more can happen next which can be more negative when I think as such. I believe now you are understood.
Thanks for sharing @MeenakshiSundar I am not sure I completely understand what you mean when you say,"for me suicidal thought/ a kind of positive/constructive feeling..."