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So appropriate for soon to come 4th of July! Ingredients: - 1/2 pound strawberries, hulled and quartered (1 1/2 cups) - 1/2 pound blueberries (1 1/2 cups) -1 1/4 cups low-fat plain yogurt -2 Tablespoons granulated sugar Directions: 1) In a food processor, puree strawberries and blueberries separately, adding each pureed fruit to a separate small bowl. 2) In another small bowl, whisk together yogurt and sugar. 3) Pour the 3 mixtures, alternating, into ten 3-ounce ice-pop molds, making 3 to 5 layers in each. With a skewer or thin-bladed knife, swirl mixtures together in an up-and-down motion. 4) Insert ice-pop sticks and freeze until solid, 2 1/2 to 3 hours. from: thecomfortofcooking.com
@kristenadams Speaking of, I need to post some new Nutella recipes. :P @miranpark88 Hope you're all better at this point.
@YinofYang i'll def get into them SOON! i was so sick yesterday....... it literally kicked my butt...
@miranpark88 I'm sure you saw the cards that @Saravy posted. I didn't get too many good pics...they're alright. It took so long to cook everything, that I had to literally run around and try to get pictures before the sun set (wanted natural light). I might have a couple more pics she didn't put up. (^_^)
@miranpark88 love the recipes n pics u post :) ciao bella
@YinofYang i cant wait for your picsssssss i've seen your photographies and its definitely something that i'm looking forward toooooo :D
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