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@miranpark88 Cookies and ice cream is always good! Ohhh, what are your other favorite flavors? My favorites are: dutch chocolate, Neapolitan, butter pecan, cookies & cream, and strawberry.
@YinofYang I love strawberry, belgium chocolate, caramel with crunch, the old school vanilla one and my all time favorite, capuccino with chocolate chips!!!!
@YinofYang from your choices dutch chocolate sounds AMAZING! even though I never heard of them
@miranpark88 You've never heard of them? Really? Whoa. That's it, come visit the States and go on an ice cream tour. XD
@YinofYang hahahahahhahaha im smelling like a ice cream collectionnn!! I wish we could make collections togettherrrrr so we could upload cards together about ICE CREAM :3