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I've seen a lot of people grilling chicken this way, but never done it before and THIS is in my list. Beer grilled chicken. Weirdest thing that I've seen being grilled...
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ohh yes @miranpark88 I have did that many times it sounds real nyc ... btw wch country u r frm?
4 years ago·Reply
@rocker2121 I'm ethnically korean but i lived in peru my whole lifeeeee :D how about youu?
4 years ago·Reply
I am an indian living in india only :p @miranpark88
4 years ago·Reply
@rocker2121 that's so coool!!! hows like indian fooood?? i was always curious about ittt caz i tried some in koreaaa but i think that the legit one wouuld be sooo much better !!!!
4 years ago·Reply
yes I would love to cook indian food for you whn u meet @miranpark88
4 years ago·Reply