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If you're in the throes of "WHY?!" because the one you would give your heart and soul to doesn't feel the same way, and it's totally breaking your heart, sometimes, it's just not meant to be. And even though that sounds trite and down right cruel, it really is true.
This quote is from Dodinsky's "Garden of Thoughts."
Lately I've been in the zone where I am letting go of the victim attitude and drawing on ways to exhibit bliss.
What are some ways that you've learned to deal with unrequited love?
Well, good thing we don't have to be 馃槒
I hate being vulnerable too @Arellano1052
ehh, I'm more of a reactive person. I won't allow myself to feel strongly enough about somebody until they make their intentions and/or feelings clear. I don't like being vulnerable, so I limit the ways I can be. It's laughably easy for me to walk away from anybody without me feeling anything, unless I choose to of course. When coming to love and opening up to a person, more often than not, I entertain the feelings more than I accept and display them. It's my conscious effort to ensure my safety and efficiency.
exactly!!!'re not for everyone. :)
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