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So I'm sure you all have seen their new M/V. Tell me, did you get shot in the feels too? Good god I was trying so hard not to cry, but all i wanted to do was cry! So instead i took some screen shots. Shall we look at our beautiful men. Yes I said men, they are no longer boys. These guys have grown so much! Im so proud, like a proud Noona. heehee
who is that behind that fence?? Namjoonie!? I like your short spike hair. Looking good babe.
Jin why you crying? Why you always crying!? (haha the second photo looks like a caught a picture of Sasquach) *captuon that photo *
Suga's hands.... mmmm I can stare at them all day.
Kookie, you no longer a child. He looks good. They all look good.
Hobi i see you through that fence.
Its okay Jimin!! Run to @Helixx she'll take care of you.
V what are you doing!? You are wrecking my list right now with that blonde hair. Stop! You are so gorgeous.
What is this? I feel like this is another story trail...
Always running....do they ever stop? Tell me how you guys reacted to their new M/V.
I didn't want to watch it until I got home from school so I could watch it on my tv and oh my stress they had English subtitles on and that part where jin sang "Even when I fall and hurt myself, I keep running towards my dream" I JUST GOT CHILLS I DONT KNOW WHY OMG THEY ARE ALL SO AMAZING AND I'M SO GRATEFUL FOR THEM :(( ❤❤❤❤
@minimanim3 dude so did i. man bighit 1, fangirls 0....
@minimanim3 same 😌
i watched this in class and can i just say how hard it was for me to not cry like i literally choked up. i got into bts right when the hyyh series started so this song and this mv really touched me... nicely done BigHit😌
@minimanim3 same 😌