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I'm hearing and seeing it left and right. I really don't want to accept that you made a decision to leave BEAST after 7 years. Seven damn years!!!! But whatever path you choose and whatever you decide to do in the future, I will support you, I wish for all the BEAUTYs to support you!!! You will always be my Hyunseung, even if you choose to do soloist activities, even if you chose a path to part from the group, I hope you stay in touch with them. Stay healthy and be happy! ☹️😭❀️ Love you so much!!!
Keep up the support! The last thing any of the members need is any hate or any criticism regarding this decision. Let's support Hyunseung with his solo career and the continual of Beast as five members with their own promotions as a group or individually. 😊😊 Let the B2utirs support each other and our boys.
I hope both him and Beast are still okay after this. But like...they got me into kpop I can't even think about how they would look and sound without him.
This is hard for me to accept after the news of Minzy leaving 2ne1. but at least he's staying with cube. All the best for him.
He will never be anything other than a BEAST member in my heart. I will support him even if I cry every time I see him alone on stage
Yeah this is sad. Beast is my first group I ever listened to, but I will continue to support both parties in the future for whatever endeavors they do!
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