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* Taolu routine - a stylized wushu display used in competitions
** catfish- someone who pretends to be someone else on the internet. 6 hours until I land in Los Angeles and 1 day until the cosplay expo, not to mention the real reason for this trip...to meet “him”. This whole trip was planned so I could meet my penpal on the anniversary of our first message. The cosplay expo is where I’ll go so this trip won’t be a total waste of time if ‘Tao_4ever’ isn’t who he says he is. My mom was very reluctant to send me so far away for this expo (and there is no way I am telling her the real reason for the trip) so I am taking my best friend Naeun. Thankfully she knows about the whole penpal thing and will be joining me to meet up with him. A month ago he told me that he would be participating in a wushu tournament in LA, and since our ‘anniversary’ was close he wanted me to be there. ~~ landed in LA ~~ “I hate flying so much why can’t his tournament be in our neighborhood? No, that would be bad especially if he isn’t real even though I am convinced he must be.” “Y/n, this person might be a girl maybe even a sasseng! I mean first of all there are very few open male kpop fans especially of Exo with or without Tao.” “Well if ‘he’ is a ‘she’ then we will fight over Tao because he will always be my favorite.” “Can I see their Instagram again y/n? Yea look these are all selecas of Tao that aren’t even on the internet, so obviously it’s a girl maybe even a crazy one." “That’s why I brought you to fight crazy with crazy, now let’s find this wushu tournament.” There are several banners and signs at the arena showing us that after a taxi ride and at least 1 hour of mindless wandering we were at the right place. So many people we gathered and surprisingly a lot of girls my age are here even though they don’t look like competitors, also I hadn’t expected there to be so much press trying to sneak in. ~~ Tao_4ever Instagram chat ~~ Tao_4ever: Go to registration your tickets are under Zitao. Also meet me at the gym afterwards. You: Why are you still so theatrical? Please just tell me already I can’t wait any longer! Tao_4ever: Haha please just be patient a little longer. You will know it’s me because I will finish my set and look at you. You: Okay fine, but please be careful. ~~ tournament ~~ Announcer: Up next to display his Taolu routine Huang Zitao! Naeun and I gasped and froze while the audience cheered and the group of firls earlier freaked out. I can’t believe this! I am looking at Tao in the flesh right next to the mat because my penpal got us the best tickets, even though this is the last display and no one has looked at me yet. “ Y/n do you think that Tao--” “You mean like HE has been my penpal?” As the words escaped my mouth Tao finished up with an amazing floor spin stopping right in front of me and looks into my eyes. Going to the gym with half frozen legs Naeun trailing behind also in shock. Everything from the past year falling into place and making sense. Just then Tao appeared and waited for us to speak. “Best catfish ever.”
Oh my goldfish! I'd totally love this. I love this!
omg!! i would die if this happened to me lol
@drummergirl691 part 2 is up
@drummergirl691 it will be up tonight
Thank you so much for the tag. OMG. Loved this. It was amazing!
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