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Central Africa has just seen it's first major video game release. Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is a crowdfunded indie title from Cameroon-based developers Kiro'o Studios. The game is an action role-playing game with some elements of beat-em-ups. The title brings a much-needed and welcome injection of culture and sensibility to the gaming industry, and while the core mechanics of the game will feel familiar, the narrative and the cultural influences present in the game are things we've not seen before.
The game's main story centers around main character Enzo and his wife Erine as they quest to regain the throne of Zama. Enzo, the new kind, was ousted in a coup orchestrated by his brother-in-law. Enzo learns that he is an Aurionic, someone with the ability to tap into elemental powers. The couple travel the world of Aurion to find others like him, so that he might learn better control over his own power.
Here's the trailer for the game. Originally in French and translated for wider audiences, some of the language localization is a little finicky, but I think that's a small complaint to have. The game looks badass, tackling significant issues that plague the African continent (like refugee issues), while still keeping the fantasy-rpg action high.
Something else I really dig about this is that the main two characters are a married couple. I feel like too often we get a 'dead lover' story somewhere, where the character's significant other is killed off for narrative purposes at some point prior to the events of the game. Either that or lone wanderers who are either lotharios or saints.
This game looks like an indie gem from a fledging studio that really put their whole hearts and minds into the project. The game looks good and carries narrative weight and it represents a great milestone for potential game developers in Africa.

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is available now on Steam.