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I read somewhere that Hyunseunggie was leaving B2ST..... First the possible disbandment of BIGBANG, due to them going into the army. The disbandment of MBLAQ, which kills me every time I thing about it. Minzy leaving 2NE1..... I don't think my heart can handle all that plus Hyunseung leaving, but if it's his wish, then so be it... I will support him if he decides to do anything after B2ST, the same goes for Minzy..... Thank you for listening to my smol rant.
the first quarter of 2016 is just saddening. 😢😢
@BlackFawn Since 2 of the members had already left MBLAQ, I think it would be difficult to keep that particular group and name going with military service ahead for the other 2 (G.O is already in). I hope G.O decides to keep singing and be in the entertainment industry, but a lot can change in those 2 yrs. After watching MBLAQ on programs like Hello Baby, I felt bad for him as leader. He wasn't working with the brightest of idols.
MBLAQ had 3 left.....but it's time for their military service too. I don't think BIg Bang will break up per se.....they just have to serve...
And mama Seungho....... *tear* The only member of MBLAQ I was never a huge fan of was Lee Joon. I mean, damn he attractive, but I feel as though he acted unintelligent to try and get more fans...
@JaxomB G.o already said he doesn't want to continue to be in MBLAQ, or anything of the sort, which I can't blame him, it's tough.
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