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Why I Needed A Caffeine Detox
What happened when I went from drinking over 5 cups of coffee per day to less than 100mg of caffeine from tea. What I lost, what I gained, and why it was worth it! http://hungryhobby.net/2016/04/19/caffeine-detox/
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the cat needs rehab lol
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I've recently become a regular coffee drinker and I can say without a doubt that I was definitely addicted to caffeine in the soda form. Pepsi was like a drug to me. Was, I'm drinking it right now! hahahah
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Pepsi is the best
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Wait, how do you keep your energy up then? I feel like the reason I'm so hesitant to kick caffeine from my diet is because I feel like it helps me tap into my creativity much more efficiently lol.
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no caffeine detox... I just need coffee to survive working hours :D
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