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Because representation matters!

I have a confession: I'm kind of a thriller junkie. I love comedies, but give me well-written action and suspense any day and I'll be ecstatic. That being said, it's a genre that's often dominated by men (there isn't a female counterpart to Jason Bourne). So when a thriller featuring a female protagonist is released, I'm ten kinds of excited to watch. Here's five of my favorites!

Orphan Black

Returning for its fourth season, Orphan Black has been lauded for the incredible skill of its lead actress Tatiana Maslany, who plays several characters with amazing distinction and seeming ease. Sarah Manning is determined, daring, and just a little reckless, and the twists and turns will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Americans

Currently in its fourth season, the series follows the lives of two Russian spies living on American soil impersonating- you guessed it- American citizens. Loosely based on true events, the show has successfully drawn out the 'will they be detected' suspense over the past four years, but Elizabeth's character is where the show really shines. Her struggles as a mother, a Russian patriot, and as a human being are central to the story. It's enough to (almost) be rooting for them entirely.

Jessica Jones

This series took the hard-boiled detective trope and re-imagined it from the perspective of a woman- and the result was incredible. Jessica is "a hard-drinking, short-fused, mess of a woman,” and despite all of that she's absolutely a hero. Her sarcasm is endearing, her mistakes are painfully relatable, and her courage is inspiring. And you can watch the entire thing on Netflix!

How to Get Away With Murder

Season three is returning in September, and with the most recent cliffhanger it can't arrive soon enough! Annalise Keating is the kind of character you want to hate. She's manipulative, cunning, and driven. But you can't help but be drawn in by Viola Davis' astounding performance, and the moments of raw honesty she delivers.


Carrie Matheson is far from perfect, much like the agency she works for. The stakes are always high, and it's no surprise that the Emmy-winning series will be back for a sixth season. You'll feel conflicted the entire time you're watching- but you won't be able to look away.

Honorable Mention: The Bletchley Circle

There are only seven episodes, so this should really be considered a mini-series, but it was incredible. Based on the true stories of WWII codebreakers, the women of this story are my personal heroes.

What are your picks?

Please, share! If there's something out there that I haven't seen yet you KNOW I'm going to be watching it this weekend!
I love this card! Some of my favorites are of course Scandal, and I count House of Cards too because like CLAIRE UNDERWOOD
hmmmm I've only seen Orphan Black and Jessica Jones and I love both, other ones I've seen with a female lead are Continuum and Psycho Pass but those are over.