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Even among his fans, Kanye West’s self-appointed title of “genius” has become a rather polarizing topic of conversation.
It's hard to compare him to Walt Disney, or Pablo, but Kanye is a walking legend. Finally, we are starting to see the fine arts are embracing his work. This weekend the Young Musicians Foundation presented a concert of classical versions of Kanye classics titled the Yeethoven concert.
YMF’s Kanye West x Beethoven mashup concert was arranged by composers Yuga Cohler and Stephen Feigenbaum and featured a 70-piece orchestra.
This was amazing. Even better news, this was a free concert, so those in the Los Angeles area got to soak in this piece of art without spending a dollar.
I hope they bring this out to New York City!
This is pretty awesome actually.
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This should be a touring concert.
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