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Last Tuesday I called haikuesday because generally I'm the worst and I play with words a lot. I love poetry and writing haiku is something I like because it forces me to be succinct.
I try to make up for that in stupidly wordy titles, because again, I'm the worst.
Here's some haiku for haikuesday.
The Only Difference Between This and That Is Saying Goodbye At The End
Fluorescent lighting
whirring, beeping, voices murmur
she closes her book.
No. 7
Pay attention now
they won't repeat this again
are you listening?
being pushed to dangerous thoughts by a japanese madman
endless dark hallway
am I the only me in here?
Dad was such a drag.
Maybe We're Already Memories, Ma
fading to dust
in the darkness of closed eyes
like lightning we were
The Sun is shining in Sunnyvale and I am not the same as I was before
twenty heavy years
makes the taste of happiness
suspicious at best