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Okay, okay, I know, I just had to start with a VIXX shot, lol. I'll stop for now.
I would like to do a card on a very special KPOP person to me. Yesterday he released a new album, which I have already bought on iTunes, of course, but I want to not only openly support him but give the reason why, no matter who I fall in love with, he will always be my UB, even if I don’t always recognize it.
Anyone who knows me around here knows how much I love VIXX, and especially how I claim Ken as my UB most of the time, but it’s mostly true. See, there is a special guy who could never be placed on any list, because there’s nothing like the first. He’s just that special.
That guy, is Yesung.
Now you ELFs know who I am talking about, but KPoppers who don’t listen to Super Junior, or who listen very little, may not even realize he exists, especially since it’s such a big group of guys, I mean right? Yesung is one of the best vocalists, he is one of the three in SuJu KRY. He is also in SuJu Happy, and is so amazing.
Yesung is the REASON I got into KPOP. Really. Seriously. He is the KPOP artist that I fell in love with at first listen/sight and I’ve never looked back. He has a very special place in my heart which no one can ever replace.
I’ll share my story.
So my friend from several years ago, was skyping me at night one time, and he’d been sending me KPOP videos, mostly of female groups, but I really had no interest in any of them. And then he sent me a video of a whole bunch of KPOP idols singing Christmas songs in a video. I was like, “I have got to see this” you know, for a good laugh, because of their Engrish.
So I was sitting there, listening, when suddenly three guys walked up (KRY) and were singing “Feliz Navidad” with the most perfect accent, I couldn’t even make fun of them, and then I heard him, Yesung, and I immediately fell in love. I was like, “Who is this amazing, hot, singer, and where can I get more of him?” I HAD to know who he was and hear and see more of him. (Here is the video:
So I feverishly (with no guide) searched the internet for more information and I found Super Junior. My first MV for SuJu was Mr. Simple. LMAO. And after that, well, I was lost. Super Junior was my first recognized KPOP group, and I will always be an ELF, even if I’m a STARLIGHT most of the time, lol.
But I wanted to share this with you, because I wanted to offer my support for Yesung’s recent 1st mini album, “Here I Am” that was released just yesterday. I know with VIXX’s comeback, I should be focused on that, but I have to give love to my Yesung. He worked SO hard on this album, and he needs everyone’s support. So if you like good singers, check him out, his new MV was released, here’s the link ( and if you want to listen to the whole album for free, here (
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aww, I can see your heart. thank you for sharing. ^.^ <3