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I just saw this image over on imgur and I had to share it here. Look at how amazing this tattoo is! I know we have some nakama in the community other than myself with some anime tattoos, @luffynewman @fluffyflexonthe @BPEPPS @uzumakijess I think you guys all have some too right?
Well anyway, this sleeve must have cost a shitload, but it would be worth every penny. Bravo.
Artist: Andy Kurth of Electric Chair Tattoo in Clio, MI.
I've seen tons of ghibli sleeves, this one is fantastic!! Unfortunately they won't fit anywhere on my body since I already have my legs, back, chest which is done and almost both my arms are already filled out. Maybe stomach below my One Piece scar. Either way awesome!! But this is a good layout and the collage is sweet too!! Just glad he has totoro in there or else it couldn't be the same!! Awesome n thanks for the tag NAKAMA!!
This is awesome! Life goals! I have 14 anime tattoos so far! Many more to come! XD
@LuffyNewman I feel that. I don't know if I'd ever do a full sleeve of anything, but I would definitely consider a half or quarter sleeve of anime!
Damn it now I want something like that! Only instead it would have all my favorite animes One Piece, Naruto, Saiyuki, Ryu Kenshin, ect. It will be epic, you know if I can save up the money and/or convince myself to do it lol
@InVinsybll yeah half sleeves are actually pretty sweet, I was gonna just do 2 half sleeves of anime collages but then was like nahh anime is life so gonna do a body suit of all anime. My next tattoo is either Boa Hancock or Nami pinup on my left ribcage to match my pinup of Megan Fox on my right!! Super stoked. Back is gonna be a collage of all anime pinup chics that I love and respect and had a big impact on me. Followed by my susanoo on my left shoulder to match the 9 tails on my right shoulder then onto the legs and then the rest of my body parts haha. But a half sleeve would def be a cool one, esp anime since obvi I'm in love with anime!!
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