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Genre: Mafia AU
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Others Characters in Chapter:
Length: 1569 words
Warning: Swearing
Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be
Part: 26/26

O n e y e a r l a t e r …

Y/n’s POV
I sighed in frustration as my phone buzzed in my pocket. Only one person could be texting me at this time of day. I ignored the device in my pocket and carried on staring ahead at the teacher. He was droning on about something I wasn’t paying attention to. In fact, his voice was sending me to sleep, but I didn’t want to answer the phone, so I would put up with it.
After everything that had happened, I had bought a lot of changes to my life. I moved out before the police could discover Taehyung’s body. Seeing as I had no friends at the flat, no one even knew I had lived there- but just to be sure I hacked the logs and deleted my name from their system.
I had ran away- twice. I even changed my name. But Yoongi always found me. I wasn’t running from HIM, per se, just the whole gang bullshit that had made such a mess of everything.
I mean why would I constantly want to be near the thing that took Jungkook away from me?
But my options had been clear. I knew too much to be let out scott free, so they told me straight up. You can join us or be our prisoner. I had asked why I couldn’t just be killed- not like I had anything to live for anyway.
But Yoongi refused me point blank. So despite my stubborness , I ended up working for him. Jungkook would approve. Not at the fact that I was working with his enemy, but the fact that I had followed his footsteps.I was kind of his legacy.
Today was the day he had died a year ago, so I was feeling nostalgic. I was going to visit his grave later, to tell him about my day, as I always did. But first…
“ Jimin what the hell is it, I’m in class”, I snapped, excusing myself from the boring lecture. “Good morning to you too, babe”. I rolled my eyes. I could almost see the smirk on his face.
I was just about to tell him to fuck off because some of us have work to do, but he spoke first. “Boss wants to see us. Now. Mission.”
“ Well I don’t want to see ‘Boss’”, I mocked him. “I’m busy. And since when do you struggle to form proper sentences?” He laughed in response. “I’m running to base. Slightly breathless. Can’t speak.” Must be urgent if he’s running.
“Tell Yoongi I’ll be there in an hour”, I huffed. "Not an hour, you'll go there now.” A familiar, cold voice behind me made me jump.
I tutted in annoyance at how controlling he was. Ever since I agreed to help in their stupid jobs, Yoongi would always be around. Watching me. Probably making sure I wasn't trying to pull some shady shit.
Jimin says he's trying to protect me but that's crap. I can fend for myself, I don't need his god damn protection. "What the hell are you doing here? " He gave a small smile. "I knew you wouldn't do as your told, as you never do, so I came to get you.
" I cursed under my breath. "I do everything you tell me", I growled. "I just do it when I have time." He simply replied. "Make time now , Princess." I stormed past him.
My satchel and notes were still in the lecture room, but I would come back for them later. Fuck you Yoongi. I heard his footsteps following me. He caught up pretty quickly. The corridors were dead, but I wanted to leave before anyone stopped us. Anyone seeing me with Yoongi was risky. It could blow either of our covers.
"What's the mission? " I muttered as we exited via the double doors. He put a hand on my shoulder to slow me down. I shrugged him off, so he grabbed my wrist to make me face him. I gritted my teeth as I started at him coldly.
“I know what today is”, he said softly, brushing my hair out of my face. “You want a medal for knowing the date?” I craned my neck to move away from his touch.
“Y/n, please...”
I couldn’t look at him. I didn’t want to. It’s not like I blamed Yoongi for his death. I was past that. It was an amalgamation of things, including Jungkook’s own erratic behaviour that had led to Yoongi shooting him.
But I missed him. Those four months were the best of my life, and he was the reason behind that. He was my best friend, my love, my enemy all wrapped up in one.
Yoongi leaned in placed his lips on my forehead. “You’ve always been bad at hiding your feelings”, he murmured. I swallowed harshly. No way was I going to cry.
I cleared my throat and asked again. “What’s the mission?”
That was the way I dealt with problems now- ignored them until they went away. “Jin may be dead, but he had a lot of people under him. There’s a new problem now. Ken.”
“Ken?”, I repeated the unfamiliar name. Yoongi moved his head back to look at me. “Yeah. And he’ll be a sucker for a pretty face like yours.” He sounded serious but was smiling.
I sighed and rolled my eyes. This wasn’t anything new. “A face I’m lucky to see everyday.” Despite myself, I bit back a smile.
“Since when did you become so corny?”, I asked walking away. He scoffed at my response. “So lemme guess”, I pressed him further for more information.
“I seduce him, Jimin kills him?”
That was how it usually worked. His silence gave me my answer. In fact, the rest of the care ride to base was pretty much silent. He reached over and snaked his hand into mine, which I gripped tightly.
As annoyed as I was with life, I was glad I had Min Yoongi.
Back at the base, Jimin looked slightly annoyed. “Boss, you could have told me you were going to get her, I ran here.”
I mock-punched him. “Er, excuse me? ‘Her’ has a name.”
He grinned. “Sorry. I meant ‘it’.”
“I will kill you Orange.”
“You can try babe.” Yoongi cleared his throat, signalling for both of us to shut up.
“Tonight. Ken’s going to the local club.” I didn’t ask how he knew this. “Y/n, you wear that black dress I gave you. Jimin, you stay hidden behind the scenes. If they go back to y/n’s place, you know what to do. If they go to his base, I’ll have men waiting to back you up.”
We both nodded, having gone through this dull procedure so many times. We were both excused as soon as he had done explaining. Yoongi gave me an encouraging smile and I gave him a slight nod in return.
He would apologise profusely later, telling me he had no other options of cornering that ‘sly bastard’. He always did. But for now my mind was focused on the task. I still had to play a part in killing him.
Me and Jimin exited the office, breathings sighs of relief. “I could do with a boxing session using him as a punch-bag”, I muttered.
Jimin giggled. He had been training me to get stronger, fitter for almost a year now. I could defend myself, which I have actually needed to do a couple of times. As a girl, especially a student, things rarely got violent or dangerous for me, but when they did I was ready.
If only Jungkook could see me now.
Jimin reached over and squeezed my hand. “You ready to do this?” He asked. He always knew seducing made me feel uneasy.
“Hell yeah”, I scoffed, as we walked out, bumping into each other continuously because of our inability to walk in a straight line.
He smirked. “Whaaat?”, I moaned. Whenever he smirked I knew he was about to say something that would annoy me.
“You know what you are?”
I narrowed my eyes, waiting for some non-witty, unfunny response.
“No. Enlighten me, oh fountain of knowledge. What am I?”
“A liar.” He was grinning like an idiot, but the shock was evident in his eyes when my face broke out into a grin bigger than his own.
“Yes Jimin. That, I am.”
And as we walked off together to carry out another task, I got lost in my thoughts.
Are you up there Jungkook? Are you watching me? Are you proud? One day I’ll come up there and tell you all my stories. There’s so many. I can fight now you know? Why don’t you come back, so I can fight you? I could beat you now, I bet.
I smiled to myself at the very thought. I could imagine him laughing at me for even thinking such a thing.
Guess I really am a liar. I smiled, as content with life as I was ever going to get.
I had survived two days of hell this time last year. And now that hell was my life, day in day out. But I could cope. Yoongi watching from down here, Jungkook watching from up there. I could survive. Because that’s what I was. That’s what I AM. I am y/n. And I am a survivor.

So my first ever fanfic has come to an end! >-< Please let me know what you guys thought, any feedback for future works would be greatly appreciated. Also, I've had a few requests for a Vampire Jungkook AU- What do you guys think of that! (Girl) Let me know! ;)

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