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SHINee's Taemin got more than a little jealous over Na-Eun's kiss from the past. On the June 29th episode of 'We Got Married', the A Pink member admitted that she received a kiss on the cheek before from her costar on 'Childless Comfort', Lee Do Young. Taemin responded, "Who was your costar and where does he live?" Na-Eun tried to distract him with a comment about his hair, but he insisted, "Don't change the subject. Who is it? Is he the guy you shot the wedding pictorial with? How old is he?" The maknae SHINee member revealed during his solo interview, "I'm a jealous and selfish person. I didn't know [about the kiss], and when I found out, I got angry. It was like sipping a drink and before finishing it all, having someone else just take it from you." http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/06/taemin-gets-jealous-over-na-euns-past-kiss-with-another-guy-on-we-got-married I initially didn't want to watch the show because I don't like seeing Tae Min with another girl but they are just getting too cute. Now I'm patiently waiting for We Got Married week after week.
yup they r cute tgthr but taeminie he is such a cutie muahhhs ahhh my he is growing up already lols love him his cuteness is just out of dis world lols <3 :-* :-* :-* <3
@saharjalpari9 haha I do wish that they are dating in real life though so cute tgt!
awww taemenie u r soo young and cute 4 dis but don't take this 2 seriously it just for the show ;) u r not gtng married in real lols ;)