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Super Junior's Siwon made a surprise appearance on the latest 'Infinity Challenge'. If that's not enough to get fans going, he did it topless. The June 29th episode was a 'Minority Report' special, and while the cast was looking for a hint for their mission, they came across the Super Junior members playing basketball. Luckily for viewers, it was a hot day and Siwon had his shirt off. When the other Super Junior members noticed the cameras, they hurriedly put their clothes back on. However, Siwon was definitely not embarrassed to show off his amazing body, taking his time to put his shirt back on. The 'Infinity Challenge' cast members commented, "Siwon was the last one to put on his clothes. Usually, the people with the best bodies do it last." http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/06/super-juniors-siwon-appears-topless-on-infinity-challenge
@chasinghapiness I like the way you think.. He shouldn't be allowed to wear such things, I agree. @thatkdramalover I would too.^^
lol if i had his body, i would show it off too. @Saravy lol
@Saravy haha I love that you call him shameless. But with such body, he shouldn't be allowed to wear things to cover it ;)
Shameless man, I love you.