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Annyeong!!!! I'm sorry I haven't been on here for a long while...it seems like forever. I've been really sick lately (again) I'm going to a B.A.P. concert in Atlanta and I really have some questions that need to be answered~

Lightsticks (my lightstick still hasn't come in yet):

•Are lightsticks a MUST HAVE at the concert? •Will people get upset if I don't have a lightstick?


•Are fansigns a MUST HAVE? •If you don't have a lightstick, do you HAVE to have a fansign in place of it?


•Does anyone know what songs will be played?


•Is it okay if I just wear a regular B.A.P. shirt instead of a B.A.P. Live On Earth shirt?
That is all I can think of for now I hope to have all of these answered, because I'm really stressed (this is my first kpop concert) Just typing this made me sweat haha

tagging Vingle fam:

Hunny bunny calm down you'll be fine! No one will be mad if you don't have your lightstick or a fan sign. *if you do bring a fan sign please DON'T hold it over your head the whole time. It's rude to the people behind you as it blocks their view and WILL make people mad at you. Hold it chest high during songs, you can bring it higher between songs. Wear any B.A.P merch you have it doesn't matter. If you can't just wear something everyday normal. Don't rep another group by wearing their merch at someone else's concert that's rude to the group you're there to see. Other than that just have FUN! ^^
@may99 I'm going to the Chicago one too! And it's my first kpop concert too!
@4dalientae OMG same and I know! I'm not that close either but it's going to be just amazing them seeing them in person than just on my phone screen! haha
@jojojordy2324 kekeke I am soooooo pumped!! I can't stop thinking about it, even when I'm in school XD Im in like the last row but I'm going to cry of joy. bc they are breathing the same air I'm breathing *faints*
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