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I've never been that great at fighting games. I enjoy them on a huge level even though I'm basically average at any of the popular fighting games. That being said, I don't think I'll ever be good enough to stage a comeback in the way that this player did in the video below.
This kind of comeback takes a whole lot of concentration. It's not an easy task to only have a sliver of health left in your bar and take out your opponent without getting hit. And yeah, you can argue that it takes a lot of technical skill but it also takes some mental fortitude.
There have been times that I've tried to stage a comeback in the same way that the guy does in the video above. And honestly, it felt like I was having the worst anxiety attack of my life. And even though we were playing in a pretty quiet room, it felt like I was surrounded by a bunch of people yelling.
And unfortunately for me, I don't have the mental strength to focus on the task at hand of coming back from zero to win the match. So when I watched the video above for the first time, I couldn't help but feel in awe. Knowing that it takes both skill at the game and an immense amount of focus makes the achievement above more amazing that it might be to some people.
What do y'all think? Have you staged a comeback like this before? Whether it was in fighting game or any other competitive game, let me know about it in the comments below!!
yesssss!! Street Fighter V comebacks FTW!