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You rely on Yijeong to get Kyungil out of the taxi and up the stairs to your apartment. He unceremoniously drops him on your couch.
“You sure about this? He’s going to wake up eventually, maybe I should stay.”
You look over at the man now sleeping on your couch who is cuddling with your throw pillow. Your main task is now complete; you don’t have to worry about him out there somewhere drunk and hurting himself or someone else.
You totally turn to him and lie, “Nope, I’m good. Jak will be home soon; we can handle him.” Jak left today for a photo shoot on Jeju Island and won’t be back for a couple of days.
You thank Yijeong and see him out the door. After checking that Kyungil is still passed out you set about getting ready for bed. You set your mat out and turn your laptop on. Your nerves are still stretched and you need some unwinding.
You put your headphones in and turn on Netflix. With your headphones in you can’t hear the movement behind you and are startled when an arm wraps around you, a voice whispers in your ear,
“You smell so good.”
You freeze for a moment, did he wake up? You wait to see if he’ll do or say anything else but all stays silent. You tell yourself you’re just going to leave his arm there so you don’t chance waking him up. Yep, sure; you know you can't lie to yourself.
His arm around you while you watch your show is actually a lot more comforting than you want to admit. When you start to yawn and the end of the episode arrives, you hate to move and lose his touch.
He begins to stir and mumble as you move his arm back up onto the couch. While in the bathroom you can hear shuffling, a few grunts, and the springs on your couch groan. Praying he’s still asleep you peek out of the bathroom to find a now shirtless Kyungil laying on his back with his arm behind his head. His eyes are still closed, his breathing deep, and his shirt now on top of the TV. You shrug, check the door and hit the lights.
You are having the most delicious dream. You and Kyungil are out at a secluded park somewhere having a picnic. He is resting against a tree, with you snuggled in his lap. He's kissing your neck, stroking and tracing the contours of your body. You turn to kiss him full on in your dream and roll over into a very real, very firm male body. At your gasp he takes your lips with his. As his lips heads back to the curve of your neck reality hits you.
“Shh. I’m not going to ask how I got here, I’m just going to be thankful.”
“You were just drunk and passed out.”
He gives you a sexy low laugh,
“Alcohol runs through me; high metabolism. Fair warning, I’m never passed out for long.”
“Nice to know; a little late though.”
He rolls up onto an elbow and looks down at you.
“Seriously, did I show up at your door drunk again?”
You shake your head,
“No. I convinced Yijeong to come with me and go after you.”
He arches an eyebrow as he brushes hair out of your face,
“Why would you do that? You blocked me out of your life.”
“You were an asshole, you called me a SLUT! Do you blame me?!?”
As he shakes his head you continue, “But you worried me.”
He leans down and kisses your forehead,
“#8 too damn caring. I’m sorry I hurt you, I didn’t mean any of what I was texting you.”
You pull away enough to get a good look at his face.
“You sure you aren’t still drunk? You going to totally forget you said that to me and be your messed up jack ass self when the sun comes up?”
He laughs and rolls onto his back, pulling you with him.
“I am fully aware of where I am, what I’m saying, and the woman in my arms.”
You put your head on his shoulder and pinch his nipple,
“Then who are you and what have you done with the drunken slob that was passed out on my couch?”
“Ow!” He rubs his chest,
“That drunken slob can totally get even now that he’s awake if you keep that up.”
You immediately drop your hand but he reaches over, grabs it and places it back on his chest.
“Not yet. I fear you’re the one dreaming and I’m just along for the ride. I don’t want you to wake up yet.”
I'm so glad, that I have him in my bed lol
finally. .things are getting better between us..
Don't make me pinch that nipple again boy 😁😉
Wow, I guess the pozac I threw at his head is working!! ROFL!!😂😂😂
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