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The first thing I have to say about this MV, PRAISE TO THE VIXX STYLISTS! The members appearances in this comeback....woo......god damn. I can't handle it guys. The entire video looks stunning visual wise. It is somewhat irritating how they started the white bar thing that SM always does, but at the same time I think it adds a little something to it. Not sure what but I think it enhances the visuals a little more than they already are. The video itself is simple, yet I'm sure there's some hidden things in there I didn't fully catch. Gonna need to watch it again and search. The choreography looks amazing!!!!!!! Can't wait to watch the live!!! As always it looks like Vixx has done some really creative things. I especially am I huge fan of how they worked the evil eye into it. I know this is being compared to many other groups, however there are undeniably many parts of this that are 100% Vixx. Undeniably amazing. Definitely did not disappoint!!!
Edit: The choreography is FANTASTIC! Some amazingly cool stuff in there.
This title song itself is also very very good. The vocal work in this song is really impressive. When listening to the instrumental and comparing, it really looses something without the members voices there. I mean this as an extremely good thing! The members all did some very cool effects with the singing and rapping alike! They created a sound that's somewhat odd at first, but pulls you in without even realizing. This song stands out even without the MV there to help it along.
A follow song that could have just as well been the title song in my opinion. Leo and Ken are slaying it in that chorus! And with N's beautiful and melodic voice before that, it let's both parts shine. The other members are also allowed to do a lot while the verses are going and those important, repetitive parts are not happening which I love! Very similar to Dynamite, Six Feet Under creates an off putting effect that pulls you into the sound almost immediately. This album definitely has it's own groove!
Finally....to conclude it all....Farewell Hands. Every album needs a beautiful ballad addition, and this is everything we could have asked for. This song contains some breathtakingly sad lyrics, and stunning beautiful vocals to match. Each and every member gives the right tone in this song and provides something that is absolutely beautiful. This song is different than the others in that it doesn't give that odd, somewhat strange feeling, however it doesn't need it! The vocal talent and sheer beauty this song has is more than enough to allow this song to hold it's own.
In conclusion, I am more than impressed with this single album. If Vixx keeps releasing such amazing work my hopes of ever listing to a different group again will be smashed! Who am I kidding...there already long gone. I'm really interested to see how this comeback is going to lead into the next 2 pieces of this greek gods project Vixx has going here.
I tried to be as objective as possible here and contain my fangirling and, holy lord was it difficult!! So glad I don't have to do that anymore! Back to death it goes for me! I did attempt to put my biases aside and be as honest and truthful as possible though so tell what you think! What's your opinion on the Zelo's album?
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You know I was sceptical before the actually video came out, but I got their album beforehand. Now like you said lured me in and it is amazing!! I can't wait for the next ones to appear no matter how long! (Hopefully not like the big companies waiting forever x.x)
@KAddict Still not ready XD I'm never going to be ready. Can't wait though
@EmilyPeacock Lucky for us, we will have some time to prepare. It's a year long project so the next two parts most likely won't be released for at least a couple months.
There's two more!?! Holy crap I'm not ready for this ;~;
@kpopandkimchi Thank you! I know it's incredibly long XD
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