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Suck it, Rom.

Today I write this card as the latest victor over Rom, the Vacuous Spider. Though it was a long and drawn out event, I was ultimately triumphant in my endeavor, and it feels so god damn good.
Like many of the bosses I've so far slain in my hunt, Rom was a lengthy battle. It took many, many repeated attempts. I had to go out and farm after running out of blood vials. I had to farm echoes to beef up my newly-acquired Tonitrus. I had to die over and over again until I was confident in my strategy and making the right moves at the right times.
In fact, I almost threw in the towel on the fight and was about to hit up a friend of mine to ask if he wanted to drop in on my game and help me take the giant potato spider down once and for all. Before I sent that message, though, I decided to take a 5 minute smoke break to collect my wits. My roommate is also a smoker, so I asked them to join me. They also happen to be a video game enthusiast, so I unburdened my frustrations on them about the boss fight. We smoked down to the butts and then I told them I was giving it another go before I asked for help.
They said they wanted to see what this boss was all about, and I obliged. Now I had an audience for my woes. Their first impression of Rom was the same as most peoples', I'd reckon: "Fuckin' GROSS, dude!".
As someone who is sort of familiar with the Souls games and BB, my roommate knew some of the stuff, but I still found myself explaining some things, because I do that a lot. Like "see, this is the first phase, and it's basically a nothing phase, just be smart, don't take damage. It's gonna ramp up now that she's teleported."
Maybe it was the extra push of having an audience for the fight, or maybe it was because this was some double-digit attempt by now and I was used to the patterns, but this was when I finally defeated Rom. The blood moon rose and the night progressed.
If I had complaints about not feeling particularly 'in it' before, those are long gone now. I am in it now. I've gotten my first umbilical cord. Arianna is in pain now and the Amygdala are everywhere. Ya'hargul awaits....
But first, to Cainhurst.

I really wish I had video of this whole process, but alas, I do not.

After defeating Rom and having the night progress, any of the NPCs in the houses of Yharnam that you haven't sent to Iosefka's Clinic or Oedon's Chapel will be dead and you will be unable to interact with them. You are transported to Ya'hargul the Unseen Village, and you now see the giant Lesser Amygdalas that are all over the map.
I accidentally got caught by a Snatcher earlier, and that was when I first discovered Ya'hargul and the Hypogean Gaol. That experience let me later fight Paarl and collect the Tonitrus to use against Rom. Finding this new and optional space made me realize the depth of the optional bosses in the game, and so I decided to pursue one of these optional routes before going further with the 'main' quest line.
I decided to go to Cainhurst, the place you learn about from Alfred. Why did I choose to go there? For one, the exploration and the discovery of new areas and stuff is awesome, and for two, Logarius' Wheel.
When I started the game and was presented with the stat selection, I didn't really know where to place most of my focus, but since I didn't know much about the game, I decided that a strength build is probably a good way to to go for a first playthrough. In my leveling I've put most of my focus on Strength and Vitality, though once I started getting hunter's tools and seeing arcane stuff, I started putting more ranks into arcane.
As of now I think I'm level ~56 or so, with 25 points in Strength and 21 points in Arcane, now my two highest stats. Then I found out about the weapon Logarius' Wheel and I knew it was fated. It's a weapon that I've seen recommended for STR/ARC builds since it procs from both of those stats.
Plus, there's something really appealing to me about beating enemies with a giant wagon wheel.
Anyway, to get this weapon, you can go (to my knowledge) one of two routes; you can kill Alfred or complete his questline. I personally enjoy Alfred, so I'm doing the questline route, and that requires that you travel to Cainhurst, defeat Logarius himself as the boss there, and meet Annalise, the Queen of the Vilebloods. Then you'll need to find the key item Unopened Summons and give that to Alfie. In return he'll give you the Wheel Hunter Badge and gesture.
I'm coming for that Wheel next, even if I have to go through it's original owner to get it.
Hope you got that wheel from a Ford Dealership.
rom, cosmos, and the king can suck it
you will hate the wet nurse with a passion if you think ROM was hard