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BTS otherwise known as Bangtan Boys has given my soul everything it needs. My body died because of all the tears shed and my soul is cleansed. I pretty sure along with BTS I will see my fellow ARMYs.
I still can't believe the BTS let ARMY be in their MV. in case you're confused, I'll explain. So at the end an airplane is seen, I believe that's us Army's flying to meet BTS in the afterlife. That explain why they were running on the runway and so happy. At least that's my little theory xD
They all looked so good though. Jin looked beautiful. Suga and J-hope switched up on me and turned into vocals. I didn't hear hat much of Jungkook which surprised me or maybe I can't tell he difference but I did hear Jin and V's voice which I liked a lot (sorry if it's bad screenshots)
^^^^ agreed tbh and ur theory made me super happy tbh like omf.but I'm on the verge of tears once again like I can't control my emotions anymore and I think it's just a teaser since jin said there's like 2 more and I'm not ready
I'm not gonna lie...When I first watched it...I cried...Then Hoseok appeared on the screen....I cried even more