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You know what is so funny? When you said that you wanted to be with me for a long time. When you said that you wanted to even date me after high school ended. Do you see how much catastrophe you've caused at your own decisions? When you drag the waves of your problems onto someone else just because you cannot forgive yourself for what you've said and done. Yes, words can be strong and meaningful; but your definition of meaningful is the delusional mindset of an 8 year old. You've hurt me inside and out and I cannot still accept that you've broken all your promises. When you whispered "I love you" to me made my world feel okay. Because I knew that you would forever stay. You left just because you couldn't forgive yourself for what was been said and done. Yes, I still want to kiss your addictive nicotine tasting lips, yes, I still want to have one last kiss but I know I can't. You broke up with me over text, what other immature thing is gonna come next? (this breakup happened on Monday I would love to have some positive feedback & help// thank you all)
Sending positive thoughts your way. Unfortunately nothing will really heal it but time :(
take this time to do things you wouldnt have otherwise done with him dragging you along....maybe its that art class you always wanted to check out or that concert you always wanted to go to....whatever it is...make time for yourself with friends who will always drag you out of the house to support you. sorry for what you went through but you'll be better off without him
I'm sorry to hear this. It sucks to have your heart broken. but at the same time, you'll learn from it. it might take a year or more (or less!) to get over it, but in the end, you'll have grown from the experience and you'll learn that sometimes people will leave your life, and it's on you to figure out what that'll mean to you
Sorry that you're hurting :/