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Sometimes beauty hacks can go a bit far.

If you're into the world of beauty than you've probably seen it all, until now. The thing is, the most far fetch hacks are usually the ones that work the best. Well, all of them except using a soda bottle to plump up your lips. While most people think of socks as coverings that are worn on your feet, the video below shows otherwise.
Think of a beauty blender and how it works then replace the beauty blender with a sock. They'll two totally different products, but surprisingly they work in the same manner. Don't believe me? I don't even believe me, but the video below is proof. Keep scrolling and check it out for yourself, but don't be too quick to throw out your beauty blender -- you'll need a back up.

As odd as it sounds, would you try this beauty hack out?

By the way, please use clean socks if you attempt to use this method.
when you get it out, give it a try!! @primodiva93
I want to try it out. My makeup is in storage though 馃槥
especially after seeing @TessStevens commment, knowing shes so big on blenders by his last cards
I saw the video today and honestly wana try I out now!
I love my beauty blender, but idk man the sock thing worked pretty well!
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