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Despite that BTS released Young Forever quite unexpectedly, Jellyfish thought it would be a great idea to release VIXX's M/V at the same damn time! But I'm not complaining...just I was already in my feels and VIXX kinda made it worse lol First, I'm going to talk about the song. It was such an amazing song! But them high notes dough~ Ken really finished me. Second, they looked FANTABULOUS!!! Ken's blond hair with that sexy hairstyle oh gawd~ *faints* BUT HYUK DOUGH!!! He once again proves that he is no longer a baby *cries* I mean, but I don't hate it. I quite love sexy Hyuk! Now, @kpopandkimchi, tell yo man to stay on his lane!! Why he trying to make me love him when Ken is my babe?! N needs to stop with his smexy self! *sighs deeply* VIXX were too much....I love their dark concepts, but after Chained Up, their sexy concepts are truly f***ing me up! They should, I mean, must be stopped before I die...for reals!
And ken is STUNNING. Like jaw-dropping stunning.
Seeeeriously hakyeon was so lovely in this. But yeah HYUK WTH!!!! He isnt my baby anymore!! What happened????
@kpopandkimchi Hyuk got no chill and I know he won't stop. But at least he's still a baby off stage XD But yeah, Ken was just...ugh!! My hearteu~