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omo his cute smile is still thrr i love it :) smile everyone :) <3
View more comments i found dis link check it out and let me knw if it subbed and it works enjoy @nonabisi, @cri3415, @jinavang @Masridaniela 4 u guys
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wooow thats amazing thanks a lot :))) i'll save this link :D do u think they'll have the subs soon??
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it doesn't have subs it shd it says soo i can't check check and let me knw bcs i gotta watch it 2
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his smile gets me everytime, i noticed that he always looks like he is about to smile even if its supposed to be a serious situation. one of the many reasons i love this kid :)
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i knw his face is just naturally smiling all the time and he has the best cutest smile i totally love it it just makes everyone smile :) :) :)
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