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Domestic violence and abuse is something that 1 in 4 women experience in their life time.

When we think of abusive relationships we often think of physical abuse. The kind that leaves marks on your skin or aches on your body.
Something that is often overlooked and underestimated, however, is emotional abuse. Being controlled, taught to fear, conditioned to think a certain way. possibly more terrifying than physical abuse - these abusers alter your ways of thinking and feeling.
In America, there are laws against physical abuse. Men and women can go to jail for assaulting one another.

But the UK just passed a law for those who have been emotionally and mentally abused.

Men or women who emotionally abuse their partners will face up to five years in jail if found guilty of “controlling or coercive” behavior.
This can include preventing a partner from seeing family or friends, controlling his or her money without consent, controlling what he or she posts on social media, spying on communications or controlling his or her day-to-day life, like where he or she can go and for how long.
You can read more about psychological abuse and why this bill is so important here.
If you feel that you are currently or have suffered from emotional abuse please see this resource for immediate help.
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This kind of abusive behavior is actually more common and it's no less damaging! Well done UK
yes this is great but we need to strive for a change in the mindset of people.
all those cases are obviously correct, but what happens when people sue for no reason and call it abuse. like "oh my husband/wife didn't call me back in 2 days while working away from home"
@nicocoup im sure there is a system to prove the abuse is real, just like there is with physical abuse. Many physical abuse cases have been not put through because of lack of evidence which is so sad. Mostly because many of the abused are too scared to come out about it until much much later when it is harder to "prove"
@sophiamor I found it made NO diff it it was physical or emo abuse the police(my exp) just went "oh well" or didnt believe me. @nicocoup yep its a prob bcoz it is a way of ppl manipulating the system. as i said my experience would b theyd ignore it as with Phys Abuse BUT to say that ur being shouted at or name calld is V easy?