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Hey guys! I'm going to start a series where I take one Kpop song and suggest similar tracks :)

Let me know in the comments which songs you'd want me to include next time!

Here's VIXX's Dynamite!

A few hours ago, VIXX came back with a dance track that is sooooo funky and awesome.

It immediately reminded me of some of my favorite SHINee tracks with a late 80s pop flare! Here are three songs that compliment Dynamite perfectly!

SHINee - Dream Girl

The song that you will NEVER get out of your head...dream girl.

Teen Top - Ah Ah

A super under appreciated Teen Top track! This is a must-listen!

EXO - Love Me Right

Another classic pop dance track that will never escape your head!

Can anyone else think of good songs to fit this list!?

It also reminded me of "Feel so Good" by B.A.P
LEGEND - Crush On You I loved the vibe of both!
The new Vixx song reminded me of "Married to the Music" by SHINee
Literally always singing dream girl
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