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Hey guys! I'm going to start a series where I take one Kpop song and suggest similar tracks :)

Let me know in the comments which songs you'd want me to include next time!

Here's VIXX's Dynamite!

A few hours ago, VIXX came back with a dance track that is sooooo funky and awesome.

It immediately reminded me of some of my favorite SHINee tracks with a late 80s pop flare! Here are three songs that compliment Dynamite perfectly!

SHINee - Dream Girl

The song that you will NEVER get out of your head...dream girl.

Teen Top - Ah Ah

A super under appreciated Teen Top track! This is a must-listen!

EXO - Love Me Right

Another classic pop dance track that will never escape your head!

Can anyone else think of good songs to fit this list!?

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I don't remember when but at some point the beat reminded me of Danger by Taemin
2 years ago·Reply
It also reminded me of "Feel so Good" by B.A.P
2 years ago·Reply
Literally always singing dream girl
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
LEGEND - Crush On You I loved the vibe of both!
2 years ago·Reply