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Another day, another bit of weird news from yours truly.
Last week, the Associated Press let loose a story about presidential candidates' campaign diets.
While the story was filled with plenty of cool tidbits, there was one surprising fact that jumped off the page: Hillary Clinton is a fiend for the hot sauce.
It's in a section about her time in the White House as First Lady and low-fat diets and protein and other boring nutrition things:
Many of their meals centered on fish and vegetables. Clinton favored hummus, had a collection of more than 100 hot sauces and a weakness for mocha cake and Dove ice cream bars — a favorite of daughter Chelsea.
100 hot sauces? I mean I love the twist a good hot sauce can add to a meal, but this is pretty extreme. This kind of reminds me of those people who collect snow globes from each state they attend while on vacation.

This is pretty cool, but also pretty odd right?

A friend of mine picks them up from every state she visits, I wonder if they did something similar?
Oh man, she'd get along with my sister. She's an avid hot sauce collector too.