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What the Hell Happened Here?

You see that red cross mark above the actual necklace?

The chest in the pic belongs to Kevin Plaweki, catcher for the New York Mets. And how did he get a cross engraved on his chest?

Thanks to this guy, Noah Syndergaard.

We all know he can throw some nasty fastballs. But we didn't know it was that FAST. So here's what happend:
Syndergaard throws the ball. It hits the ground. Plaweki goes down to make the block, it hits his chest pad, and the shock travels through the pad, through his uniform, through his undershirt, and makes an imprint of a cross on Plaweki's chest.
That's how FAST and STRONG Syndergaard's ball is.

That's 99 miles for you.

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Are you kidding me?
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It's not just his fastball, but his slider that's even nastier
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