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For those baseball fans under a rock, White Sox designated hitter Adam LaRoche walked away from a $13 million salary this season when team management asked him to stop bringing his teenage son to the ballpark everyday.
While the dad of the year took a lot of surprisingly bad press for that story, his most interesting story of the year was pretty much swept under the rug.
The story broke on ESPN last week: "LaRoche, along with Brewers pitcher Blaine Boyer, spent 10 days in November in Southeast Asian brothels, wearing a hidden camera and doing undercover work to help rescue underage sex slaves. "
A quick blurb from the story:
"Working through a nonprofit called the Exodus Road, LaRoche and Boyer conducted surveillance in brothels and tried to determine the age of the girls -- known only by numbers pinned to bikinis -- and identify their bosses.
"Something huge happened there for us,' Boyer says. 'You can't explain it. Can't put your finger on it. If you make a wrong move, you're getting tossed off a building. We were in deep, man, but that's the way it needed to be done. Adam and I truly believe God brought us there and said, 'This is what I have for you boys.'
This is truly amazing. For Adam to put his life of the line to spread awareness to this serious issue is truly unreal. These underage sex brothels around the world are a serious issue that many are unaware of. This was a major move.

Isn't Adam Laroche one of the best people alive?

Wow what a guy! That takes some incredible courage!
@duckthefodgers yeah, he's was a boss for that one lol
@davidgom I think he was wired and probably had on body cameras that they couldn't detect easily
@mchylang I agree, a lot of people aren't going to walk away from the game they love, nor that type of cash for anything
@kyleberke I agree. His heart had to be racing when he walked in there, one wrong move and he's cooked
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