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Okay remeber BTS clues? Well, here's something I've discovered ARMYS!!!

In the beginning, Tae's hands are filled with blood and he looks guilty. I know who's blood it is...I know exactly who! As you keep watching the video, it shows the boys all together having fun while there are graffite written all aroun on the walls with the word OMN which actually means 'every night.'

As you keep watching, Tae seems to climb onto something while the other members are all sitting together.

I'm not sure but, I read the numbers as 150516 ~ May 16, 2015 the day Namjoon & Tae were on StarKing..where Tae danced on heels. So, since OMN mean everynight, it means he danced in heels everynight with his sister (?) Heels which relates to a women/girl So, we all know that Taehyung had stab his father (?) with a beer bottle (assuming) in 'I Need You' music video. He was trying to protect his sister (?) .. The blood obviously is the father's...but, WHAT IF the blood was actually someone who said Tae was bad at dancing in heels so he killed a girl and the father because they had no faith that he was good in heels...Therefore, I have wasted your time...THANKK YOUU! 馃槀

You should watch if you haven't though~~~~

*I will never understand bts mv tbh.*鉁岋笍
@QueenLee @BiancaMason lols but 150516 is actually true & omn actually means everynight but in medical & science lols sorry tricking you guys.
u had me with the theory till i got to the end 馃槖馃槖馃槖 touche
I got excited for a fan theory 馃槀 you got me! Claps for you 馃檶馃槀
@danyeljules41 馃槀 i dont even know how these fans do it...馃槀 It's impressive.
u had me going like Oooo another fan theory 馃槀