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Your EX
Your Boyfriend
Your First kiss
The one that have crush on you
The one made you pregnant *Opps*
The one who hates you because u love his BFF
The one that will kill you because you didn't love him back
The one that fight with your boyfriend Over you
The one that kidnap you with your Ex
The one who saves you
And the one who ends up marrying you
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and pinkmon is nowhere to be found to save me.
I love these games!!! I want another BigBang one. Anywho, here's my results.... I'm still not 100% familiar with who's who in Bts. I really only know my favs... 1. Jin? 2. Jimin? 3. Suga 4. Jin? 5. Jin? 6. J-Hope 7. Suga 8. J-Hope 9. Suga 10. Suga 11. Suga (I get him a lot in dating games) No RM, V or Jungkook(possibly)
@LissiMichelle 😂😂😂😂😂 he wasn't found cuz pinkmama took the lead
@BekiKunstman Omg those were good results you got the best members....will all of them😂😂😂. I'm so happy you liked the Game. I'll probably make one for BIGBANG