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For the wonderful show that the two of you put on in the parking lot, no one was around to see it. The two of you walk hand in hand to the practice room and find you are the first to arrive. As practice time arrives, the group still has yet to show up. You give a worried look over to [HN] who takes out his phone and begins texting.
“They said something came up and they will be a little late.”
He walks over and kisses the top of your head,
“You worry too much, I’m sure everything is fine.”
Ten more minutes pass and now you’re just getting angry.
“This is pointless! They should have texted me so that we could have rescheduled, this is an absolute waste of time and practice room.” You begin pacing, unaware that his phone has just gone off again.
“Ah. Now they are saying they rescheduled a room and we should meet them in the practice room down the hall in five minutes.”
“Excuse me? They rescheduled it? I can’t just reschedule my other group…” you start grumbling as you hastily pick everything up and head to the door.
[HN] stops you,
“I’m sure there’s a good reason. You can leave when you need to and I’ll have them go over what you want for the rest of the time.”
You nod and the two of you head down to the other practice room. The lights are still off, which means it will be nice and cold for the tough rehearsal you’re going to give them. You flip on the lights and jump backwards into [HN] as they all yell, “Congratulations!”
With wide eyes you turn to face [HN] whose face has morphed into a big, silly grin.
“Did you know about this?”
He shakes his head no; “Honestly, no idea.”
You turn back to the group, “Congratulations?” you ask tentatively.
The guys all come over and wrap you in hugs, pulling you into the room.
“On you two! Being a couple!”
Two of them are running around like crazy men, circling the group and shooting off confetti strings. You look around in amazement.
[HN] comes up behind you and wraps you in his arms.
“I told you the guys would be okay with it. They all love you; thankfully though not like I do.”
You finally have to laugh at how silly they are all being.
“I don’t understand. I thought you guys would be upset.”
They all start talking at once.
“Upset? [HN] has been in love with, well I guess YOU,” they all laugh, “for forever! You now have a name and a face!”
“He’s no longer going to be mooning around the dorm acting like a lovesick cow!”
[HN] reaches out and smacks him.
“You mean a lot to us all Noona. We were ready to take on whoever thought they were good enough for you, but now we don’t have too.”
Another member pipes up,
“Well, he’s still not good enough but he’s our brother and you seem to like him”.
You can’t believe all the guys are all good with this. You look around the room for [HN]’s roommate and find him on the outskirts, pretending to be busy with food.
You step out of [HN]’s arms,
“I’ll be right back.” He looks over at his friend and nods.
You walk over to the table and wait for him to look up.
“Oh, hey Noona.”
“Are we going to be good or is this going to cost us our friendship?”
He looks over at everyone else chatting, laughing, and having fun.
“I really thought they would be more weirded out about all this, like I was.”
You glance back at the group then back to him,
“You really think I’m that bad for him?”
“No, not you personally, just your age you know? I mean, what do you guys even have in common?”
You can feel [HN] come up behind you. He wraps an arm around your waist and leans down to whisper,
“Everything okay over here?”
You nod;
“Yeah, everything’s great. I’m just trying to explain that you don’t get to control who you love and when you love them. You can only control chosing to love them or not and that’s your choice, no one else's.”
[HN] turns you in his arms, brushes your hair off your collar and leans in for a kiss.
“I couldn’t agree more, salanghae.”
The End.
The second gif is simply because it fit to the story. =]
Awww...yes so true! And love how the other members embrace your relationship!💖💖
Woo i love it \^_^/ im glad it was a happy ending.
Awwwwwwwww me and my namjoonie are happily together now thanks to you even though I'm only 17 and in the story I was his noona😂😂😂😂
AWWWWWWW!!!! Cute! I loved it! Thanks for sharing with us!!❤️❤️
ㅋㅋㅋ sorry. *zips lips*
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