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I don't know how valid this is but I feel like Jimin shows Jungkook so much love is for Jungkooks future. Like Jimin has been self concious and even when joking his bandmates call him ugly, it obviously hurts him. Since Jimin is blessed from God he has the purest heart in the world and wants to care for the maknae. He cares for Jungkook because he knows that Jungkook was super young starting out and needs a guide to show that no matter what people say to you just stay kind. He cares for Jungkook to set an example of both strength and love especially for the next generation. *I hope this makes sense because it is what i noticed.
i also think its because he has a brother that's about kookies age. he just has copied his brotherly instincts onto kookie.
he probably also sees Jungkook's low self-esteem and wants to remedy that and build him up. Jungkook is always ripping on himself so I think Jimin over compensates in order to cancel it out. He's an excellent friend and big brother figure. I think this is a much better explanation than people saying he's in love with him. Though I think 90% of us know that's a joke. But this is a super cute thought and makes sense. He probably knows how hard it is to have low self-esteem and doesn't want Jungkook to feel that way.
Jungkook is the same age as jimin's brother, so I feel like he reminds him of his brother and sees him like if he was his brother so I think that he likes jungkook a lot because he misses his brother. That's what I think but I could be wrong
@ZitaMahoney i thought of the same thing
@naydelinrm @KaitlynHewitt jimin is obviously the best bro in the world! who ever marries him saved a country in their past life