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At first I thought this was a slice of life with some small magical added to it. Was I wrong, this is a spectacular anime with friendships and hardships based off of wishes people make. It is a must watch!! It's rated a 8.52 on IMAL2 I rated it a 9. Personally I'd say an 8.85 but was great!! Synopsis- Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki are regular high school girls with regular lives, but all that changes when they encounter Kyuubey, a cat-like magical familiar, and Homura Akemi, the new transfer student. Kyuubey offers them a proposition: he will grant one of their wishes and in exchange, they will each become a magical girl, gaining enough power to fulfill their dreams. However Homura, a magical girl herself, urges them not to accept the offer since everything is not what it seems. A story of hope, despair, and friendship, Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica deals with the difficulties of being a magical girl and the price one has to pay to make a dream come true. [Written by MAL Rewrite] Def give it a watch it's genre bases are Drama, Magical, Psychological, & Thriller!! And it def has a load of them all, enjoy my NAKAMA!! Anime is life!!
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@LuffyNewman randomly decided to binge the movies today (I was only gonna watch the first one for now since it's been almost 2 years since I watched the anime, then just figured what the hell and kept going). That 3rd one... Just wow... On a brighter note, forgot how awesome the soundtrack for this franchise is!
@OtakuDemon10 glad to hear it NAKAMA!! The first 2 are kinda to me just re lapses of the series or a summary but the third yep I def agree NAKAMA!! Just finished star drivers yesterday and was in a huge shock at the ending I swear I've never had a romance end like that it was good but I think it hated it but loved it. Now I'm almost done with the 50 episodes of eureka seven and this anime is straight up fantastic 10/10 and it makes everything to me a feeling I can grab at towards people playing jokes and the world and that special person!! Def like this and can't believe it took me so long to finally watch it from my list!!
I love this anime. I enjoy the fact that it isn't what it seems right off the bat and I love each character story. I think it was the first time for me to believe that this magical girl anime won't turn out in a happy ending. Plus all the plot twist. I also think the way they design the witches was an amazing idea, it really gives a feeling of witches being unnaturally and chaotic, there is soo much to say about this anime... xD I don't think I even explain myself right in this comment with all my excitement
@TehDL i def agree NAKAMA!! I thought at first it was a silly but interesting anime then found out it was very psychotic and even more. The 3rd movie is even just as intense if not more!! Glad to hear some feed back!! I've seen so many I feel lie now that every time O binge a new anime o have to post about if for myself but also so others can give me their opinions or get the chance to find it out!! Like me I wouldn't have found this if it wasn't for so I appreciate the recommends always from websites and vingle NAKAMA!! So I wanna give back!! Def wild and interesting though!! Surprised it turned to be something semi irregular to almost god like
@LuffyNewman yeah, the third movie was amazing and I am 100% sure that it's my favorite part of the series. kissanime is an amazing website!!!