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Many Clinton supporters thought Bill De Blasio took entirely too long to cast his support in favor of Hilary's campaign.
Late last week, the duo took part in this year’s Inner Circle Production, billed as the “giving of a dinner each year at which politics and politicians, national, state and city, will be satirized,” The duo took part in the production. Clinton and de Blasio found themselves with real-life Hamilton star Leslie Odum Jr., at which point Clinton nags on de Blasio for taking a long time to endorse her.
His reply? “Sorry Hillary, I was running on CP Time.”
When the crowd responds, de Blasio jumps in and says "cautious politician time."

Ehh.. a bit too close for comfort for me. What do you think?

@straightshooter great points on this one, a lot of questionable choices by Hilary swept under the rug
That would be pretty wild!
@Straightshooter that's a really great plan! You're right. It's definitely a lot of hard work to run for office. And then you win... and the job teaches you the meaning of hard work! XD I'm not really in a place where I could do it either. But hey, maybe ten years from now we'll see each other in the senate!
I actually love politics and talk about it 24/7 lol I love learning about balancing our budget and handling foriegn affairs. I live in Maryland, the next state to hold its primary, and if I had the time and resources I would run for the Maryland senate seat. But I dont have that ability. Maybe in the next 10 years? I figure 8 year in the senate and then 8 years as governor would put me at 40 years old. I would love to run for office against the establishment, which in maryland it always depends on what the encumbnant has done. I figure 10 years Id have my own buisness up and running smoothly, I'll be well off, and then I can start worrying about the state. Its a lot I know but I want to have these responsibilities
I get a lot of my news from alternative sites like and One America News Network (OANN). I cant trust the media. A lot of my friends use to think I was paranoid when I used to always talk a lot about how I believe in the whole "shadow goverment" idea, but just in this cycle alone almost every single one of my friends (be they trump or sander supporters) has finally began to see that our goverment "politicians" are trying desperately to rig this elecrion that its out right scary that there not even trying to hide it at this point. Combine that with the fact that one of my favorite shows called JERICHO, a television series about a terrorist attack on american shores that leaves the country devastated, was actually forced off the air by the government (despite having the largest rating at that time) said it was "to realistic" because it started talking about shadow goverment and another civil war. Its completely crazy what our goverments been doing.
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