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73 Things You Didn't Know About Taylor Swift

Welcome to Swift's Crib.

You have entered the ever so cozy resident of THE Taylor Swift. The 26-year-old welcomed Vogue into her home to be asked the iconic 73 question game where it's rapid fire Q&A, commentary, and usually a tour of some sort. From the video, everything you assume about Swift comes to life: she's the perfect host, there are cats everywhere, and trophies are the best paperweights. Though this video was filmed prior to the Grammys which was months ago, all of her comments stay true. As expected, Swift comes off easy going, familiar, and very friendly which is probably the secret behind her success.
Did any answer surprise you?
I can't believe that she's 26. time flies
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These vogue interviews are some of my favorites. I'm not a fan of swift but there's a really good one with Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker.
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