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Your Lie in April is a movie that truly transcends words and has given me so much as the insights to what a love story anime can be!!the blessed aren't always blessed but none the less they become blessed with something. Having someone to show you those blessings when you turn away in despair or fear is something truly incredible!! That's exactly who Kaori Miyazono is!! Truly I do love her and her willingness to do anything she feels!! Anime is Life!! Your Lie In April truly transcends!!
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@gabbycalzada when I first saw this I was like how did this pop up when I was googled something on anime and this fit perfectly!! Did you see both pics NAKAMA?? I want both honestly bc they're so good and unique and would go great and stand out unlike the usual common mainstream( which I love) animes I want one of her and Kousei Arima together and put them together as he is her accompanist!! I'd never have any figures more proud of!! I wanna know the price and buy em all up haha!! Just gotta have more shelves now bc booksellers is def overflowing so can't go on top there til I get a new one. But yes I love this and I love her and her personality!!
@LuffyNewman ooh one of Kousei and Kaori that would be amazing!!!
@gabbycalzada that's what I'm saying it would be a true masterpiece!!
@LuffyNewman yes it would! It would be the best thing
That was a beautiful anime....I do like the figures.