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@IvanDiaz try kissanime man, free stream that's where I watched it. it's haremy, for sure, but one of the better ones
@IvanDiaz The anime is called Date A Live. Basically its another harem genera show but its about a world that is constantly being attacked (essentially nuked with sudden mini-black holes) and it turns out these "spirits" (10 powerful mysterious girls) are the cause of it. Well he soon learns that he has the ability to seal their powers with a kiss if he can manage to make them fall in love with him. This character, Kurumi tokisaki, is my favorite in the show and all together among anime. She is spirit #3, but that doesnt mean that shes his 3rd capture. His first capture is spirt #6. Its pretty good all in all. Id give it an 8.5 out of 10
@IvanDiaz She is a spirit, one of 10, whos ability to control time, is kept in her eye. Thus the reason why her left eye is represented by a clock
don't hate me but kurumi is not a yandere she's a yangire
@SAMURXAI Do they have a app ? Or is it just online
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